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Cannabis Sales Decrease Slightly In County

Roosevelt County experienced a slight decrease in cannabis sales during the month of September compared to August, according to figures released by the Montana Department of Revenue.

September’s figures include $180,631 for adult-use sales and $98,219 for medical sales for a total of $278,850 total in the county.

During August, Roosevelt County posted $177,820 for adult-use sales, $103,780 for medical and $281,600 for total sales.

Sales for July in the county were $152,251 for adult use, $99,154 for medical and $251,405 total.

Roosevelt County residents voted in June to establish a special local option tax on medical marijuana and non-medical marijuana in the county. Those taxes will go in effect at the start of 2023.

While the state overall has experienced an increase, sales have been declining in Roosevelt County. Total sales for the county during the first quarter was $1,050,252.07 and that figure dipped to $940,272.23 in the second quarter. Total sales in the third quarter were $811,855.

Medical sales in the county has dropped greatly from highs of $214,698.94 in January and $201,338.65 in February to a low of $98,219 in September.

Through the end of September, the state reported a total of $227,972,808 in total sales with $152,555,666 for adult use and $75,417,142 medical. The total includes $26,555,703 of sales in September compared to $26,808.609 in August and $26,536.524 in July.

Some of the top counties for cannabis sales during September included Yellowstone with $4,401,831, Gallatin with $4,175,605, Missoula with $3,521,711, Flathead with $2,850,381 and Madison with $198,684.

Sales for September reported from counties in Eastern Montana included Richland at $832,949, Valley at $148,575, Sheridan at $74,135, Dawson at $552,562 and Custer at $145,322.

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