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School Menus

Frontier School

All meals served with vegetables, fruit and milk.

Oct. 24: Chicken drummies and scalloped potatoes.

Oct. 25: Pulled pork sandwiches.

Oct. 26: Tacos and refried beans.

Oct. 27: Pasta fagioli soup and salad.

Oct. 28: Breakfast bake and hash browns.

*** Wolf Point School

All meals served with milk.

Oct. 24: Breakfast: Pancake on a stick and grapes. Lunch: Chicken legs, mashed spuds, gravy fruit and vegetable.

Oct. 25: Breakfast: Apple cinnamon muffins, yogurt and bananas. Lunch: Threebean soup, crackers, cheese sticks, salad, carrots, pineapple and rolls.

Oct. 26: Breakfast: Cereal, cheese sticks and apples. Lunch: Chicken noodle casserole, peas, salad, celery and mandarin oranges.

Oct. 27: Breakfast: Cinnamon rolls and bananas. Lunch: Corndogs, fries, salad, cauliflower and applesauce.

*** Lustre

Oct. 24: Hot dogs.

Oct. 25: Chicken and rice. Oct. 26: Biscuits and gravy. Oct. 27: Macaroni and cheese.

Oct. 28: Breakfast.

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