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Marva Bull Chief

Marva Bull Chief Marva Bull Chief

Marva Naomi Bull Chief, 55, of Wolf Point died Sept. 20, 2022.

She was born May 4, 1967, to Marvin Bull Chief Sr. and Darlene Fourstar-Gray in Wolf Point. She had three “moms:” her mother, Darlene Fourstar-Gray (Emory Gray); her step-mom, Rose Mary Bull Chief; and adopted mom, Mary Adams. She grew up in Frazer, where she attended kindergarten to sixth grade. Her junior high school years, she attended school in Wahpeton, N.D., and the Mormon Placement Program in Washington. She finished high school in Frazer where she played volleyball and basketball and was in track and field. She also was a cheerleader and was the Bearcub mascot for the boys’ team. She was a rep in student council for her class. While in high school, she worked at A& S Industries. She graduated in May 1986.

Shortly after high school, she moved to Fort Belknap where she met and married John Bearcub Jr. They divorced in the 1990s and she moved to Wolf Point where she stayed for a while. She drove for a friend to Oklahoma and stayed for a month and a half. She came home and stayed with family and friends.

She met Steven Follette in 2006, where they worked at Homestead as housekeeping until his death on April 6, 2020.

She liked to visit her baby sister, Emmy, when she would come home for visits. She liked visiting family and friends, cleaning, cooking, listening to music while cruising around.

She is survived by her sisters, Madonna LaRocque of Wolf Point, Emory Gray of Billings, Melanie Hotomani- Salteaux of Wolf Point amd Taryn Jackson of Frazer; brother, Rory Hotomani of Missoula; and adopted mom, Mary Adams.

She was preceded in death by brothers, Marvin Bull Chief Jr., Steven Douglas Jr., Larron Hotomani, Valen Hotomani and Corwin Fourstar Sr.; and sisters, Twyla Bull Chief, Shirlene Bull Chief and Myra Bull Chief.

Her funeral service was held Friday, Sept. 30, at the Wolf Point Community Hall. Interment followed at the St. Joseph Cemetery in Frazer. Clayton Stevenson Memorial Chapel of Wolf Point was been entrusted with the arrangements.

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