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Crain Receives Deferred Sentence

Trevor Levi Crain of Culbertson was sentenced in district court on Wednesday, Sept. 14, for the offense of unlawful possession or shipping or transportation of a game animal.

District judge David J. Cybulski announced a two year deferred imposition of sentence in the case. Because Crain is likely having his hunting license suspended for 30 years in a Richland County case, Cybulski didn’t “double down” by also suspending Crain’s hunting license. The judge ordered Crain to pay restitution for the animals destroyed in the case.

Crain told the court that being in the county jail for six months was a wake-up call for him. He said he now has a good job and wants to keep working.

Also during district court hearings on Sept. 14, Weldon Drew and Lee Harrison Damm each denied accusations in their petition to revoke cases. Hearings were scheduled for Oct. 12.

Joshua Kyle Burks made not guilty pleas to the charges of criminal possession of dangerous drugs, meth, criminal possession of dangerous drugs, anabolic steroids and criminal possession of drug paraphernalia. Trial date was set for Dec. 15.

Terrence Raye Cambridge made not guilty pleas to the charges of criminal endangerment, driving under the influence of intoxicants and right of way violation.

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