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Special Tribal Election Set For October 15

The Fort Peck Tribal Executive Board has set Saturday, Oct. 15, as the date for a special tribal election.

The need for a special election was created when longtime tribal board member Grant Stafne resigned in a letter dated Aug. 29.

Because Dana “Sam” Buckles and Kaci Wallette tied for 13th place with 449 votes in last year’s tribal executive board election, a new election involving the two candidates is needed to determine Stafne’s replacement.

Stafne received the second most votes, 882, of any tribal executive board member in the 2021 election.

Officers on the tribal board include Floyd Azure as chairman, Charles Headdress as vice chairman and Bruce Damon as sergeant at arms. TEB members include Terry Rattling Thunder Sr., Carolyn Brugh, Shannon Dionne-Martell, Lawrence Hamilton, Stacey Summers, Bryce Kirk, Wayne Martell, Alex Smith, Marva Chapman, Patricia Iron Cloud Runs Through and Justin Gray Hawk Sr.

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