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County Approves ARPA Funds For Projects

Roosevelt County commissioners approved American Rescue Plan funds for the communities of Culbertson and Bainville during their weekly meeting on Tuesday, Sept. 6.

Amounts of ARPA funds were $13,581.44 for Culbertson and $130,795 for Bainville. The towns must match the funds on an oneto- one basis. Projects must be on wastewater or water projects.

Commissioner Gordon Oelkers said that he believes Culbertson is also working on another project.

Oelkers said about $635,000 of the $900,000 available are now obligated to various Roosevelt County communities.

Commissioners accepted the resignations of Culbertson library employee Leona Colvin, detention center Dawson Klobucar and Wolf Point library employee Beatrice Bruce.

Oelkers noted the challenges of hiring detention center employees. He said five of the seven new employees for the detention center have resigned during the last few months.

Re-hired were Charles Schaffer to the road department and Cathy Dickey to dispatch.

Commissioners approved new air compressors for the Poplar and Wolf Point road shops.

During the public comment portion of the meeting, resident Bill Juve remarked of the quick work done to demolish the building across from the courthouse that was destroyed by fire.

Oelkers explained that there was concern that there were remains of two humans and four dogs in the building. No remains were discovered in the process though.

“We owned the building and it was an emergency,” Oelkers said. “We needed to do it.”

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