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WPCO Feels Strategic Planning Meeting Will Improve Area

With the goal of improving the entire area, the Wolf Point Community Organization will hold strategic planning meetings on Sept. 13-14 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Silverwolf Casino.

WPCO chair Roxanne Gourneau reports that Walter White Tail Feather will serve as facilitator for the discussions.

“He has been trained for years,” Gourneau noted. “He has knowledge of our social and economic stresses.”

Goals include building a solid foundation for undertaking social and economic challenges.

“We need to have a snapshot of our own circumstances,” Gourneau said. “We recognize our social and economic stressers, but we also recognize our untapped potential.”

She encourages enrolled members to make sure they become informed by attending at least some of the meetings and sharing goals.

“The community is really membership run,” Gourneau said. “We’re just vessels to accomplish it.”

She notes that the area imports just about everything including food, entertainment and services.

“There’s infinite opportunity here. Our goal is to position ourselves to help members and our community,” Gourneau said.

She explained that WPCO needs to work together with other organizations such as the Wolf Point Chamber of Commerce, cities and counties to improve the area.

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