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Almanac Predicts Cold Weather For Region

If you believe in the Farmers Almanac’s predictions, you better start planning to buddle up for this winter’s weather.

The Almanac’s website reads, “Shivery temperatures are predicted to rattle warm weather seekers in the Southeast and South Central states, but the real shivers might send people in the Great Lakes areas, Northeast and North Central regions hibernating. According to the Almanac, the North Central States are forecast to experience extremely cold temperatures, (possibly 40 degrees below zero!) especially during mid-January.”

A stormy warmer seems to be in the forecast especially for the eastern half of the nation. Some areas will be hit with snow while others regions will experience slush. January is anticipated to feature the most storms.

Predictions are for a heavy snow storm across the Plains during the first week of January 2023.

In the near future, the Almanac is predicting several thunderstorms in the Rocky Mountains and across the Great Plains on Sept. 20-23.

Last year, the Almanac predicted many of the 2021-2022 winter storms including the unusual blizzard in the last week of April in parts of Montana and the Dakotas.

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