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All roads led to the opening program Sunday, Aug. 28, at the Lustre Christian High School. Pastor Frank Lenihan opened the program with Psalm 67 and commented that “the nations have come to Lustre and we rejoice and are glad.” Perhaps that is because 24 of the 42 students are dorm students, coming from various states in the U.S., Japan, Taiwan, Turks and Caicos Islands, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Bahamas, Haiti and Jamaica. Fourteen students are from Lustre and four are from nearby towns.

Seth Runner of Glasgow gave a devotional from Acts 2:21 and Philippians 2:10, giving a good picture of the choices before all in relation to the “powerful Name before Whom every knee shall one day bow”.

Runner encouraged the crowd filling the bleachers to not waste a moment. “Do not miss an opportunity to have knowledge and learning, to learn how to meet heartaches, or deal with people well,” Runner said. He warned of the pervasiveness of lying and the kind of distractions that destroy. He said it is no coincidence that we were present. “If you are a student, you were sent to listen, to learn,” he said. “If you are a teacher, you have been sent here by God.”

Principal Ric Catell introduced school board members Bill Reddig, Jared Holzrichter, Kelly Toavs, Curt Neufeld, Dawson Olfert, Mike Hilkemann and Clayton Zerbe, foundation committee members Keith Unger, Wilbur Unrau and Grant Zerbe, dorm committee members Bob and Gretchen Schiller, chairpersons Jerry and Susan Fast and Austin and Madison Neufeld, auxiliary staff and teachers Cole Graybill, Nicky Hilkemann, Dan Marasco, Sarel Matthyser, Trisha Reddig and Debbie Cattell. Matthyser, the only new teacher, is from South Africa.

Dorm parents are Bernie and Debbie Swartzendruber, who have been married 41 years and come to Lustre from Iowa, with experience in Haiti and Botswana in children’s homes with their parents. Their special needs children died at the ages of 10, 18 and 33 respectively. They and Sarel Matthyser told the audience their stories and how they came to be at Lustre. Justin Byers led the opening song and sang You are God Alone. Melissa Marasco provided the offertory.

There are eight seniors, 15 juniors, 12 sophomores and seven freshmen. Lustre Grade school has 48 students, four in eighth grade, 13 in seventh grade, two in sixth grade, six in fifth grade, eight in fourth grade, three in third grade, five in second grade and seven in first grade.

Al Martin of Maple Grove, Minn., former teacher for years at LCHS and Bainville, has died.

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