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School Menus

Froid School Aug. 29: Barbecue riblet on a bun, baked beans and fruit.

Aug. 30: Ham and cheese casserole, buns, vegetable and fruit.

Aug. 31: Salisbury steak, mashed potatoes and gravy, buns, vegetables, buns, and dessert.

Sept. 1: Soft tacos, lettuce mix, taco bar and fruit.

Sept. 2: Fish sticks, fries, vegetables and fruit.

*** Culbertson School Aug. 29: Breakfast: French toast swirl. Lunch: Chicken nuggets, mashed potatoes and mandarin oranges.

Aug. 30: Breakfast: Breakfast burritos. Lunch: Super nachos, pears and rice.

Aug. 31: Breakfast: Egg Bake. Lunch: Sub sandwiches, watermelon and coleslaw.

Sept. 1: Cook’s choice. Sept. 2: Cook’s choice. *** Bainville School Aug. 29: Cook’s choice. Aug. 30: Cook’s choice. Aug. 31: Cook’s choice. Sept. 1: Cook’s choice. Sept. 2: Cook’s choice.

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