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Commissioners Approve Electronic Health Software

The Roosevelt County commissioners approved a request from the health department to begin using electronic health records and billing software.

The Roosevelt County Health Department plans to use the CureMD program. Benefits are expected to include online scheduling, faster billing, savings on office supplies, a patient portal, online pay options and that patients can register before coming to the clinic.

Cost is $2,700 for the initial set-up and training. There will be a monthly subscription charge of $500 for maintenance and support.

Commissioner Gordon Oelkers said he feels the system would result in more accuracy and better billing at the end.

Commissioner Gary Macdonald expressed concerns about the program’s cost.

“It looks to me if somebody quits, we might not need to replace them,” Macdonald said.

The motion to approve the request was approved by a 3-0 margin.

Commissioners approved hiring Alexandrea Sutton as a 911 dispatcher.

A representative from Century Construction provided a report. The hope for more gravel options in the Bainville area was mentioned and future gravel needs were discussed.

“We will have to do some bidding because we get in trouble for buying $79,000 at a time,” Macdonald said.

Tori Matejovsky, executive director of the Great Northern Development Corp., reported that a state officials will be in the area on Sept. 1, to discuss ARPA funding.

Roosevelt County has designated ARPA funds for infrastructure projects in Wolf Point, Froid, Culbertson and Bainville.

The meeting will include needs of counties and cities that could be addressed through additional ARPA applications.

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