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Grand Champion - Olson Wins Top Honor For Market Steer

Grand Champion

It didn’t take long for Kaylee Olson to realize that Renaldo was going to be a special steer. During the Roosevelt County Fair, Olson’s goal was achieved when the grand champion steer honor was received.

The incoming Froid High School junior has learned the complete process of raising and selling beef through 4-H and FFA. She purchased her own cattle in 2019 and that was the start of her grand championship journey.

“It’s all mine,” Olson said of Renaldo. “I tagged him when he was little.”

The steer weighed 1,408 pounds on Friday, Aug. 12, and had an average daily gain of 3.02 pounds.

“A big thing is structure,” Olson explained. “You build the structure and build out with that with muscles.”

Olson, who lives between Froid and Culbertson, said she invested at least a couple hours a day with Renaldo. While she relaxed with her phone on social media, Renaldo was nearby.

“He’s my little baby,” the Froid FFA member said. “Just spending time with him is a big thing. He’s really sweet. He’s one of the most personable steers I’ve had.”

Olson has competed in the fair’s market beef category for the past four years and has fared well, but earning grand champion honors is a new experience. She became more confident in her chances during the beginning of June.

“He was built how I wanted him to be,” Olson said.

Also during the fair, Olson qualified for the final drive in the swine category and earned the reserved overall breeding award for breeding heifers.

“It’s a good year,” Olson said. Regardless of the awards, she realized what matters most is what she’s learned through her experiences in 4-H and FFA.

“It teaches you so much work ethic and gets you involved with a responsibility,” Olson said. “It teaches leadership and builds new skills.”

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