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Frazer School Takes a Positive Direction

“Our outlook for the year as a school is to stay positive,” stated Frazer School Superintendent Melanie Blount-Cole. “The past couple of years have been difficult with COVID, so our biggest priority for the year is to stay positive in everything we do and every issue we face.”

Frazer Schools took on five new faculty members for the upcoming school year. The new staff will help with reading skills in addition to their specific roles at the school.

In the elementary school, Arisell Mhay Uanan is the replacement fourth-grade teacher and Marissa V. Lagman will teach business. The junior high added business teacher Marlon Gabato, who will also instruct students on keyboarding basics for computers. Grades K-12 gained a new music teacher, Jomarie Banar; and a librarian, Margie Manzanas.

Frazer will also participate in a MAST pilot program for the school year. MAST, or Montana Alternative Student Testing, is an initiative through the Montana Office of Public Instruction that seeks to offer “throughyear” assessments for students rather than the traditional endof- year state summative assessments. The “through-year” assessments will satisfy federal testing, accountability, and reporting criteria. School districts participating in the MAST pilot program during the 2022-2023 school year will help the OPI in partnership with Education First and New Meridian collect the data required to evaluate and improve the testlet system. This first pilot will be offered in English lanquage arts and mathematics in grades five and seven.

“We’re just trying the new testing out,” explained Blount-Cole. “We’ll see how it goes.”

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