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County Adds To Cattle Guard Resolution

By Bill Vander Weele

Roosevelt County commissioners approved an addition to the county’s cattle guard resolution, which was originally approved in February.

The resolution noted that if maintenance is required on cattle guards, Roosevelt County will complete the repairs and bill the beneficiary of the cattle guard, landowner or permittee.

A fee, however, was listed in the resolution.

During the meeting on Tuesday, Aug. 9, Commissioner Gary Macdonald made the motion to charge a $300 clean-up fee and provide one free clean-up every five years.

Commissioner Gordon Oelkers said that landowners are the ones who pay the county’s bills so he feels providing the one free service would be a good decision.

Commissioner Duane Nygaard argued that usually the cattle guards only need the service once every five years, so there won’t be a $300 payment being made.

The motion passed by a 2-1 margin with Nygaard voting against the proposal.

Commissioners agreed to put out bids for road graders to make sure they can trade in their current road graders before the warranty is expired.

“Again, we can reject the bids,” Oelkers said.

John Benavente was re-hired as a county detention officer.

During a special meeting on Monday, Aug. 8, commissioners approved a resolution to direct the county treasurer to issue tax deeds.

A tax deed sale is scheduled for 10 a.m. on Sept. 13.

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