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Commissioners Approve Bid For Radio Tower

The Roosevelt County Commissioners approved a bid from Pyramid Network Services for a radio tower during their weekly meeting on Tuesday, Aug. 2.

The bid was for $582,858.99. The other bid for the project came from Mesquite Valley Communications for $678,394.18.

Commissioner Gary Macdonald made the motion to approve the Pyramid bid and the motion was approved.

“They will shoot for the fall if they can get the equipment,” commissioner Gordon Oelkers said. “It will be done next spring for sure.”

Expenses will be paid from the American Rescue Plan Act’s unrestrictive funds. The radio tower will handle services for many emergency services including the sheriff’s office, highway patrol, fire departments, Wolf Point Police Department, ambulances and tribal law enforcement.

Oelkers said the tower will provide better coverage for the entire county, including the Bainville area which has struggled with service.

During the meeting, commissioners approved the reappoint Joyce Harvey to the library board.

The county has started the rightof- way insufficiencies process by advertising a declaration for the process.

Oelkers said various meetings will be conducted throughout the county regarding rights of way.

The declaration includes, “Roosevelt County maintains many county roads that do not have complete easements or petitions filed on them causing issues with legal access to much of the land that is served by these roads. This creates a problem with the transfer and/or financing of land due to access not being filed within the county public records. Some roads that do have existing or partially existing easements or petitions on file were constructed along a different route due to terrain or other constraints. This lack of clear access and easements has existed since the early 1900s.”

The commissioners’ intent includes is to declare the current county roads, so these access and easement issues are finally resolved.

“The process will include a notice to the public regarding resolutions to be presented at public hearings, mailings to landowners, public comment period, public hearings, and acceptance of such resolutions that have been laid out, constructed, and maintained with state department of transportation or county funds.”

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