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Fire Danger Present - Temps Above Normal For July

Fire Danger Present

According to National Weather Service in Glasgow, July 2022 had an average temperature of 75.6 degrees which was 3.6 degrees above normal. It was the eighth warmest July on record.

Conditions have been ripe for high fire danger. A Red Flag Warning remained in effect at press time Tuesday, Aug. 2. Green grasses and other vegetation from earlier rainstorms in July have quickly dried out across most of the region, with high temperatures climbing above 100 degrees. Relative humidity has dropped and winds and some gusts up to 30 mph have been recorded. All these conditions combine to create critical fire weather concerns.

Smoke from wildfires in the northern Rockies has been detected due to elevated westerly winds.

Much of the region has seen a Heat Advisory in effect. Moving into the week, high temperatures are likely to break 100 through Friday, Aug. 9, with a chance of thunderstorms over the weekend and temps in the high 80s Saturday and Sunday, Aug. 10-11.

Humans are the number one cause of wildfires. NWSG recommends that you do your part to reduce sparks and check in with local authorities before conducting burns.

Roosevelt County Fire Warden Mike Olson said, “There will be no controlled burns for Roosevelt County Sunday, July 31, through Wednesday, Aug. 3. Please be aware of outdoor activities and access the defensible space around your homes.”

WPVFD Chief Clint Bushman noted, “Let’s be extra careful today and this week, everyone. Please be vigilant and call in any smoke you see right away.”

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