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Fort Peck Tribal Member Appears In New Film Prey

Fort Peck Tribal member Amber Midthunder’s new film Prey premiers on Hulu Aug. 5. Prey is the fifth film of the Predator franchise.

Midthunder uncovered a deep love of acting at a young age. Growing up with an actor father and casting director mother, she began her own on-screen career early in life. Her first speaking role was at the age of nine opposite Oscar winner Alan Arkin in the indie hit Sunshine Cleaning. Since then, she continues to work as an actress with roles on Marvel/FX’s Legion and The CW’s Roswell, New Mexico. She also appeared in several feature films, including Hell Or High Water alongside Jeff Bridges and Chris Pine and

The Ice Road with costars Liam Neeson and Laurence Fishburne.

She and her father, David Midthunder, acted in Longmire (2012) as Lilly Stillwater and David Ridges respectively.

Her directorial debut short film Don’t (2013) won in its category at its premiere screening at the 2013 Native Cinema Showcase presented by Smithsonian’s National Museum of the American Indian. She also co-directed #nightslikethese (2013) with Shay Eyre.

She is the daughter of casting director Angelique Midthunder and Native American actor David Midthunder. She is of multiple mixed ethnicities including Native American, European, Spanish and Asian. Her heritiage incldues Thai-Chinese descent on her maternal side. She is Lakota and Assiniboine and is an enrolled tribal member at the Fort Peck Tribes.

In addition to acting, she has a passion for animal rights and environmental activism.

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