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Missouri River Country, South Saskatchewan Ready Partnership

Montana’s Missouri River Country and South Saskatchewan Ready have partnered together to form a cross-border tourism promotion.

Missouri River Country is a destination marketing organization in northeast Montana. South Saskatchewan Ready is made up of nine rural municipalities near the Saskatchewan-U.S. border.

Last week, the two organizations met in person at the Scobey Golf Club House for a meet and greet and to discuss steps toward developing and strengthening tourism across the border.

The two areas have similar landscapes, attractions and things to do and see. Both countries understand the impact that tourism brings to their communities. The partnership’s goal is to increase travel to both regions and expand our marketing efforts on both sides of the border.

Some of the marketing efforts will include developing a new website page, threeand seven-day trip itineraries, package deals, social media campaigns and hosting social influencer trips.

This project will allow tourists to experience the best that northeast Montana and southern Saskatchewan have to offer.

Itineraries, cross-border tourism activities and package deals will be available soon on their websites: and www.southsaskready. ca.

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