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County Approves Salaries For Elected Officials

The Roosevelt County commissioners officially approved salary increased for elected officials during their regular weekly meeting on Tuesday, July 19.

Base salaries were increased by $1,746.28 for the elected county officials.

Those salaries included clerk and recorder/public administrator at $67,247.28, clerk of district court/superintendent of schools at $68,247.28, county treasurer/assessor at $67,247.28, county sheriff/ coroner at $70,247.28, county commissioners at $67,247.28, justices of the peace at $48,935.46.

Commissioners also approved the county attorney’s salary to be $115,300.88 for fiscal year 2022/2023. If a deputy county attorney is hired, that salary would be 85 percent of the county attorney’s yearly salary. Unlike other elected officials, the county attorney’s salary isn’t base on the clerk and recorder’s salary.

During the meeting, commissioners approved annual pay raises for road department employee Jake Gibby, road department employee Jared Poland, library employee Leona Colvin, library employee Sheila Dunn, library employee Sheri Harvey, dispatch employee Rita Diserly and clerk of courts employee Teresa Romo. A six-month pay raise was approved for detention center employee Travis Redekopp.

Commissioners received resignations from dispatch employee Laci Carlton and detention center employee Austin Burshia.

Because five of the pay raise increases were added to the agenda the day before the meeting as “additional administrative issues as needed,” Commissioner Gary Macdonald suggested that supervisors should be informed to have the matters submitted in time to make the official agenda.

Earlier on Tuesday, July 19, commissioners held a meeting to open bids for a radio tower to be located in Poplar.

The two bids consisted of $598,419.52 from Pyramid Network Services and $678,394.18 from Mesquite Valley Communications.

Macdonald said that he felt there were some unnecessary items listed in the project. Commissioners agreed to have John Bach of Interstate Engineering review the bids to find possible reductions.

Both bids will be reviewed and taken under consideration before making a final decision.

“I’m glad we got two bids so we can move forward with the project,” Commissioner Gordon Oelkers said.

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