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Burks Charged With Two Felonies

Joshua Kyle Burks has been charged with two felonies and one misdemeanor offense. He is scheduled to make his initial appearance in district court on Sept. 14.

Felony charges are criminal possession of dangerous drugs, meth, and criminal possession of dangerous drugs, anabolic steroids. The misdemeanor charge is criminal possession of drug paraphernalia. Maximum penalties for the felony charges are five years in prison, a $5,000 fine or both.

Bond was set at $50,000. According to court documents, dispatch notified a deputy on June 25, about a call from the Hi-Line Inn in Culbertson. The hotel’s manager told the deputy that Burks was accusing the staff of going into his room and stealing his vehicle keys. When Burks came outside, the deputy noticed that Burks was speaking very quickly and was difficult to understand at times. Burks’ head was soaked in sweat and the upper portion of his shirt was also wet. The deputy asked Burks when he last used narcotics, and Burks replied that it was two days ago.

After Burks said he is currently under probation for possession of meth, the deputy contacted the after-hours probation officer and advised the office of the incident. The probation officer requested that law enforcement search Burks’ vehicle.

Before law enforcement searched the vehicle, Burks complained that the hotel staff took his phone. At Burks’ request, law enforcement went into the hotel room to look for the phone. During the search for the phone, Burks moved a blanket on the bed and revealed a small plastic bag containing a white crystalline substance consistent in appearance to meth. Based on the observation of Burks’ behavior and the baggie containing suspected meth, Burks was placed under arrest.

When Burks’ vehicle was searched, deputies discovered a box of syringes, a syringe needle and a black case containing multiple glass vials of a clear brownish liquid. An officer recognized some of the chemicals labeled on the vials as anabolic steroids. Burks admitted possession of the steroids.

An urine test of Burks tested positive for meth and amphetamine. The suspected meth field tested positive as meth.

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