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Marijuana Sales On The Rise

Marijuana sales in Montana went up in June, reaching a monthly total of $24,897,330. The Department of Revenue reported recreational marijuana sales amounted to $17,268,597, which is up from $16,629,200 in May.

So far this year, combined recreational and medical marijuana sales have totaled almost $150 million, adding up to nearly $21 million in state taxes.

In the month of June, Roosevelt County had $298,035 in sales and Sheridan County had $70,368 in total sales. Phillips County and Daniels County voted in 2020 to not allow the sales of marijuana in their counties.

Total sales for June in Valley County included $91,734 in adult-use sales and $45,890 in medical sales for a grand total of $137,624. This compares to the month of May when adult-use sales totaled $66,512 and medical sales totaled $34,061 for a monthly amount of $100,573.

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