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Crain Changes Plea To Hunting Charge

Trevor Levi Crain of Culbertson changed his plea to guilty for an illegal hunting incident in Eastern Montana during January 2020.

During a hearing in district court on Tuesday, June 28, Crain made a guilty plea to the offense of unlawful possession or shipping or transportation of a game animal. The plea was part of a binding plea agreement.

Maximum penalties are five years in jail, a $50,000 fine or both.

Crain admitted that in January 2020, Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks searched his properties and discovered a mule deer doe, a whitetail buck and a mule deer buck. He admitted that he knew the animals were not properly tagged.

Crain claimed that he did not kill the animals.

District judge David Cybulski said the legal value of animals include $300 for the mule deer does and $500 for whitetail bucks, Cybulski ordered a pre-sentencing investigation.

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