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Commissioners Approve Raise For Non-Elected Officials


The Roosevelt County Commissioners approved a pay raise for non-elected officials during their meeting on Thursday, June 30.

The raise amounts to a 2.75 percent increase.

Commissioner Gordon Oelkers also proposed increasing the salary of the IT, road department and GIS heads to 92 percent of the clerk and recorder’s salary. The move is to put those positions on a pay scale.

The current increase for the three positions would be about 80 cents or 2.75 percent.

Commissioner Gary Macdonald said he supports the proposal because it’s about the same increase as the other non-elected positions will receive and puts the jobs under the clerk and recorder’s salary.

The motion passed by a 2-0 margin.

Commissioners noted that the City of Wolf Point is requesting $425,000 and the Town of Froid is requesting $86,000 in ARPA funds for waste water projects. The entities must provide matching funds. Oelkers said Culbertson and Bainville are making requests for about $200,000 each. The county has $921,000 available in ARPA funds.

“It’s all more or less spoken for,” Frederick, Baker Selected For Board

By Bill Vander Weele

Roosevelt County now has two members on the board of directors for the Montana Sheriffs and Peace Officers.

Sheriff Jason Frederick will be serving his second term on the board. Recently, deputy Jason Baker was voted to also be on the 10-person board.

The board consists of five sheriffs and five under sheriffs or deputies. A rural county like Roosevelt County having two members is quite impressive. The board meets quarterly and also has committee conference calls.

“The board helps in the state but with local things as well,” Frederick said. “It brings tons of resources back to our county.”

The association works on legislative issues and testify on bills that are important for law enforcement in Montana.

The mission of the Montana Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association is to improve the effectiveness of and to provide support for professional law enforcement in Montana. The Montana Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association is the professional organization for sheriffs, deputy sheriffs, detention officers and other sworn law enforcement officers. MSPOA is an association firmly rooted in tradition, ceremony and collegiality among sheriffs, deputies and law enforcement across the state.

MSPOA has an honorary membership program, which is for civilians and a positive way for members of communities to be involved with and support their local law enforcement.

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