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Commissioners Discuss Pay Increases For Employees

Roosevelt County commissioners discussed a pay increase for non-elected officials during their meeting on Monday, June 20.

Commissioner Duane Nygaard proposed a pay increase of 2.75 percent. Commissioner Gary Macdonald seconded the motion.

Nygaard said that he feels that commissioners need to work on a new wage scale so that there’s not as large of a pay difference between new employees and more experienced employees. Commissioner Gordon Oelkers agreed that the pay scale needs to be revamped.

“There’s become too big of a gap again,” Oelkers said.

He added that the process for a new pay scale will include public meetings involving department heads and elected officials. The plan is for the new pay scale to be completed by July 1, 2023.

Prior to a vote on a pay increase for the upcoming fiscal year, resident Bill Juve noted that wages for non-elected officials was listed only as a discussion item so a decision couldn’t be voted on.

Commissioners agreed to vote on the matter later this month.

Also in the meeting, commissioners approved the IT request to renew Adobe Acrobat software and to purchase server backup software.

Commissioners accepted the retirement of Tina BetsHisMedicine from the sheriff’s office. Commissioners said BetsHisMedicine has served the office and community well for nearly 30 years. “She’s done a tremendous job,” Oelkers said.

Reappointed to the compensation board were Steve Larsen and Patrick Wilkinson.

Commissioners accepted the resignations of library employee Taylor Reese and dispatch employee Erik Bridge.

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