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Ramona Stout

Ramona Stout Ramona Stout

Ramona Miller Stout, 75, died May 22, 2022.

She was born Oct. 8, 1946, to John and Kathryn Miller of Froid. She was very outgoing in contrast to her parents and brothers. On the playground, she excelled and, since girls at the time were not involved in recess sports, she played with the boys. She could run faster than any of the boys in her class and was stronger than many as well.

Later in high school, she was part of the first girls’ track team. In one dual meet, she scored 80 points and the opposing team had 50. As a high school senior, she placed at a national AAU track meet. She also played girls’ basketball at the University of Kansas (before girls’ basketball was recognized as a varsity sport) and later organized competitive girls’ basketball and track when she taught high school in Montana.

She was also an artist. Most of the artwork in school was hers. She later painted mostly natural scenes as a hobby. She taught herself to play the guitar and formed a singing duo with a neighbor girl.

She graduated from the University of Kansas and taught biology and physical education at the high school level in Westby, Lewistown and Huntley Project. In each of these schools, she also coached girls’ basketball and track.

In 1978, she married Greg Stout, a farmer and businessman in Huntley Project. After finishing a master’s degree in school administration, she became the first lay principal of Billings Central Catholic High School. She later served as school superintendent at Huntley Project and Manhattan. In 2001, she earned a doctorate in education from Montana State University. She retired in 2004, but then

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