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Wolf Point Senior Class Is Special One

Through my many years of covering communities, I’ve been fortunate enough to have more than my fair share of great classes to cover. This year’s Wolf Point class certainly ranks among the best of them.

The class features so many talented individuals, but more than that, it includes excellent, quality people.

I guess it starts at the top with Josie Kolstad as valedictorian and Hamyanie Campbell as salutatorian.

I always enjoyed watching Kolstad use her basketball smarts to figure out how to succeed in a game. I considered her a smart player and that’s why I always admired her determination. One of my favorite memories of the year is when I interviewed her for a senior profile story and her father, Jon, was sitting nearby because it occurred shortly after a scrimmage. Josie talked about her hopes of becoming an eye surgeon. That idea was news to her father, and you could see how proud he was about the career choice. You can’t beat the love between a father and a daughter.

It was easy for me to get to know Hamyanie Campbell. After all, she was involved in everything whether it was sports or clubs. She also wasn’t afraid to ask me to take her photo. Often! Although I’m not sure why she felt it was needed to take a shot at the other team’s basket in one game, I did look forward to watching her play basketball. Taking smiling photos of her and Katelyn MacDonald together became a bit of a tradition and certainly broke up some days.

Another senior I won’t easily forget is Ethan Blount. He is also one of those students that seems to be involved in everything from band to sports to school and community organizations. It is admirable how polite and friendly he has always been to me. He is a great example of a positive role model for younger kids.

I have interviewed Daniel Sears several times and came away impressed each time. That guy has been so important for the activities that he’s been involved with especially as a two-time state champion in speech and drama. I loved watching him in school plays along when he sang for the school’s choir.

There are so many other seniors who I believe are on the right path for a successful life. While conducting interviews for senior profile stories, it was uplifting getting to know students such as Claire Kinzie, Kamea FourStar, Alexander MacDonald, Jami Beston and Laykin Cantrell who truly seem to care deeply about others.

It was a great class, I thank them for really welcoming in as one of their supporters. Of course, I couldn’t name all of the outstanding students, but I congratulate each and every one of them.

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