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Poplar’s Graduates Look Ahead To Success

Poplar’s Graduates Look Ahead To Success Poplar’s Graduates Look Ahead To Success

Poplar High School’s graduation featured 35 students on Sunday, May 22.

The list of graduates included Chelsea-Rose Alexander, Allie Azure, Kyler Bad Hawk, Jacob Berger, Canaan Boyd, Harold Boyd IV, Erin Buckles, Jaidyn Cantrell, Reuben Castro, Angela Charboneau, Sami Jo Cloud, Kobe Darnell, Teagan Escarcega, Jase Frederick, Marcus Genia, Jazmin Gorder, Kylie Gourneau, Luthor Iron Cloud, Ciera Johannessen, Payton Klinger, Eliza Mason, Gracelyn Medicine Cloud, Alliana O’Brien, Debra Pinkerton, Brett Red Boy, Dennis Red Eagle, Tylisha Red Eagle, Joseph Red-Eagle Bear, Savannah Rollins, Avery Russell, Malcom Russell-Yellow-Hammer-Combs, Xavier Sherman, MacKenzie Smith, Logan Talks Blaine Different and Mitchell Youngman Jr.

Valedictorian Jazmin Gorder thanked everyone who made a difference that the class went through good and bad times during the past four years.

“The precious memories will be with us the rest of our lives,” Escarcega said. at MSU Billings and doctorate in education from Montana State University in Bozeman, He said the most successful part of his professional life has been his 23 years in the Poplar School District.

His top 10 tips for success to the graduates included: 1. Don’t be afraid to be successful; 2. Failing will happen. Welcome it and pick yourself up; 3. Success is an option. Either you are going to grab it or not; 4. Don’t forget that the world is full of mean people. Surround yourself with good company; 5. Don’t be selfish, give back; 6. Be forgiving and compassionate; 7. Have goals; 8. Hold your head high and be proud where you’re from; 9. Dream big; 10. Humor helps.

“If you don’t work hard in your life, you aren’t going to have success,” Erickson said.

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