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NWSG’s Fransen Departs After 21 Years

NWSG’s Fransen Departs After 21 Years NWSG’s Fransen Departs After 21 Years

National Weather Service Glasgow head Tanja Fransen has been selected for a promotion to the NWS office in Portland, Oregon. She will be the supervisor for that office, according to a May 19 press release.

“After 21 years here at NWS Glasgow (over 40 percent of my life!), I am moving next month to be the supervisor for the NWS Portland, OR office,” said Fransen. “It will be a fun new challenge, including marine weather, tsunami’s, earthquakes and volcanoes, and a co-located river forecast center (Columbia River Basin).”

Fransen expressed gratitude to coworkers and weather spotters. She said warning coordination meteorologist Patrick Gilchrist will be acting supervisor. He was born and raised in Glasgow.

“He will be our acting supervisor when I leave in mid-June,” said Fransen. “He’s dedicated to the people of the region and also has a special affinity for fire fighting, having been an incident meteorologist for the past 15 or so years.”

“We also have quite a few new entry level meteorologists, so when you call, and they don’t know exactly where you are, please help them with a geography lesson and let them know what you need,” said Fransen. “These excellent meteorologists have a lot to learn from you as well.”

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