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loss of thousands of jobs, ….

loss of thousands of jobs, caused systemic harm to the American, Canadian and Albertan economies, and diminished the highly integrated North American energy system upon which future North American prosperity will continue to rely,’” A multi-state lawsuit challenging President Biden’s cancellation of the Keystone XL pipeline project was dismissed by a federal judge on Jan. 6.

U.S. District Judge Jeffrey Vincent Brown, an appointee by former President Donald Trump, ruled that TC Energy’s decision to end the $8 billion project in June means the court has no jurisdiction to consider the lawsuit in the Southern District of Texas. “Because it is dead, any ruling this court makes on whether President Biden had the authority to revoke the permit would be advisory. Thus, the court has no jurisdiction and the case must be dismissed as moot.”

At that time, Daines released the statement, “Joe Biden declared war on Made in America energy on Day One by killing the Keystone XL pipeline. Now, Montanans are paying the price. While it’s very disappointing to see this case thrown out, I’m glad to see Attorney General Knudsen put up a hard fight.”

First proposed in 2008, the 1,700 pipeline was planned to carry roughly 800,000 barrels of oil a day from Alberta to the Texas Gulf Coast. The Montana route included running from Phillips County to the southeast corner of Fallon County including the counties of Valley, McCone, Dawson and Prairie.

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