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Woman Faces Charges After Alleged Burglary In Culbertson August 5

Melanie Menz, 32, of Poplar is facing three charges after allegedly taking items from a residence in Culbertson on Aug. 5.

Menz is facing the felony charge of burglary and the misdemeanor charges of criminal trespass to property and theft.

After deputies received a call regarding a suspicious person, dispatch then advised an officer that the female suspect was seen walking westbound on U.S. Highway 2 in Culbertson. The officer located Menz and took her into custody.

Talking to residents, officers learned that Menz was seen carrying a white garbage bag but was later wearing a backpack.

According to court documents, a resident shared with an officer a video that showed Menz walking around a neighbor’s residence and knocking on the outside walls before walking off. The resident believed that Menz got into a cargo trailer and went into a house.

Two other people told a deputy that a residence was broke into. One said that Menz had stolen a pistol with two magazines.

Deputies did locate a white garbage bag that contained the pistol, two magazines and a Yeti mug.

Items found in the backpack included headphones, an Xbox hard drive, a spotting scope, a multi-gas sensor, a rifle scope, a compound bow release, steel washers, a child’s baseball glove, a portable power bank, a computer power cord and nitrile gloves.

Estimated total costs of items stolen was $1,345.

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