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Schools See Changes In Enrollment Figures

Enrollment figures are up compared to 2020 but below 2019 numbers in Wolf Point for this early part of the school year. Other schools in the county have also experienced decreases from recent years.

Wolf Point Superintendent of Schools Loverty Erickson said the school district’s total enrollment has been about 804 students.

That figure compares to the spring 2021 count of 743 students and the fall 2020 count of 768 students.

Wolf Point’s fall count in 2019 was 837 students and its fall count for 2018 was 815 students.

For Frontier Elementary School, enrollment is about 10 percent above last year’s figure and about 15 percent below the 2019 fall figures.

Frontier’s current enrollment is 117 students.

“Some children have opted to attend school in their own district instead of Frontier,” superintendent Christine Eggar said.

Poplar’s schools reported 870 students late last week.

“We currently sit at 870, but that has steadily climbed from 830 since the first day of school,” Poplar Superintendent of Schools Dan Schmidt said. “This is down approximately 30 students from last year.”

Culbertson Superintendent of Schools Larry Crowder said his school district is about at the same enrollment figure as in the past.

“We thought we were ahead, but some kids are still working on their paperwork,” Crowder said.

Culbertson’s current enrollment is 276 students. The largest class is eighth grade with 30 students. Other large classes include 11th grade with 25, kindergarten with 24 and fifth grade with 24. The smallest classes are first grade and sixth grade with 15 students each.

Culbertson had an enrollment of 265 in September of 2020 and 273 in September of 2019.

Bainville’s enrollment is 163 students, which is about eight students fewer than last year. Bainville’s high school enrollment of 46 students includes 20 sophomores.

Brockton reports an enrollment of 151 students including 71 in elementary, 32 in 7-8 grade and 48 in the high school.

Brockton’s first-year superintendent Josh Patterson believes the school district ended last year with 150 students.

“We’re happy with the number,” Patterson said. “It’s a good solid number for us.”

The enrollment at Lustre Christian School has increased from 26 at the end of last school year to the current figure of 32 students.

Froid’s enrollment is 100 students after ending last year with 88 students.

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