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Parents Urged To Voice Opinions On Masks

Wolf Point’s school officials are hearing from area parents that they want the wearing of masks to be optional and desire the traditional learning setting.

Based on the school’s survey results to this point, 43.68 percent of the people responding want masks to be optional while 36.78 want masks to be required and 19.59 percent want masks not to be required.

About 86 percent of the respondents prefer physically attending classes compared to virtually learning.

Wolf Point Superintendent of Schools Loverty Erickson urges residents to take part in the survey that is located on the school’s website.

“We’re here to listen,” Erickson said.

Input from parents regarding their feelings is urged during the Wolf Point School Board meeting on Monday, Sept. 13. The meeting begins at 6 p.m. in the high school/ junior high school library.

The school district held a couple of community meetings during the summer before developing its health plan.

“We’ve just tried to collect input from people,” Erickson said.

At the end of last week, Erickson said there were two students who were being isolated and four students who were quarantined. Isolated means that it’s likely a COVID case while quarantined means the students were close contacts. In addition, one staff member was being quarantined.

“Of course, we’re remaining vigilant in cleaning and notifying parents if there’s a case in their child’s classroom,” Erickson said.

When a student misses class time because of any illness, it’s important for parents/guardians to have good communications with teachers in order to not fall too behind with their school work.

“Our teachers are really good about emailing and calling,” Erickson said.

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