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Man Charged With Strangulation Offense

Lyle Patrick Larocque Jr., 32, has been charged with four offenses including strangulation of a partner or family member.

His initial appearance in district court is scheduled for Jan. 13. His bond has been set for $50,000. Larocque is facing the felony charges of criminal endangerment and strangulation of a partner or family member. Misdemeanor charges are partner or family member assault and criminal mischief.

According to court documents, a Roosevelt County Sheriff’s Deputy responded to a report of an alleged partner or family member assault on Dec. 20. When the deputy arrived at the location near Culbertson, the female had a bump on her head with dried blood on her hairline, mouth and nostrils. She also had a bruise on her neck.

The female said she had been in Wolf Point visiting friends and family when her boyfriend Larocque and his father picked her up to drive back to New Town, N.D. They stopped at a rest area in Culbertson so she could use the restroom. When she returned to the vehicle, Larocque accused her of cheating. The argument continued in the vehicle while his father drove.

According to court documents, Larocque grabbed the back of the female’s neck and told her, “If you don’t quit lying to me, I’m going to hit you in five seconds.” After she changed seats in the vehicle, he pulled her back to the front of the vehicle by grabbing her hair. When the father attempted to calm down the situation by defending the female, Larocque punched him twice in the face. He then pulled the steering wheel while the moving vehicle was traveling at highway speeds. The vehicle went into a ditch, did a complete turnaround and came to stop at a drive off the highway.

After the vehicle stopped, Larocque allegedly punched the female in the jaw and that caused her to hit her head on the door frame.

The argument continued back in the vehicle. Larocque then grabbed her throat and choked her. His head butted the female in the nose to cause bleeding.

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