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Wolf Point Schools To Return To Full-Time School November 2

Wolf Point Schools To Return  To Full-Time School November 2 Wolf Point Schools To Return  To Full-Time School November 2

The Wolf Point School board voted by a 4-0 margin to return to Plan A where students attend school fulltime starting the first day of the second quarter, Nov. 2.

Wolf Point superintendent of schools Loverty Erickson made the recommendation to move from Plan B to Plan A during the monthly school board meeting on Monday, Oct. 12.

Erickson noted many benefits of having the students return to classes. One of the concerns is the lack of students who are coming to school the two days they are supposed to under the Plan B format. Erickson noted the system is putting Wolf Point’s students behind. In addition, many students aren’t taking advantage of the free lunch program on the other days.

Erickson said by waiting until Nov. 2, school officials will have more time to make sure to have as healthy of a school district as possible. She is confident that social distancing can be maintained.

“We don’t take lightly the COVID effect and the people we’ve lost in our community,” Erickson said.

The Wolf Point Education Association reported that of teachers surveyed, 40 teachers want to go to the Plan A approach. Twenty teachers were against the change. About 75 percent of teachers report of having only between 1-5 students showing up daily in their classroom.

‘I think it’s important to get kids back in school for their sanity and education,” trustee Janice Wemmer-Kegley said.

Trustee Mark Zilkoski added, “I agree our students need to get back to school.”

Regarding student’s attendance, Zilkoski asked if that would improve by switching from Plan B to Plan A. One teacher in the audience answered that at least the students could be there for four days.

Board chair Mark Kurokawa noted that it’s a very serious ordeal going on in the community, country and world.

“It’s important for the community, the school and the families that we follow the guidelines,” Kurokawa said. “I truly believe the students want to be there. The teachers want the students there.”

Many comments from Facebook were read regarding the issue. The majority were in favor of going to Plan A.

Earlier in the meeting, trustees tabled a decision to grant an employee unpaid leave because of long-term health matters. The employee is hoping to maintain health insurance benefits during the time period.

Erickson went through NWEA date comparative growth for the subjects of math and reading. For several grade levels, there was a decline since last year.

“We are playing catch-up,” she said.

Activities director Cody Larson said it’s a busy time of making up games and creating plans for the future in sports.

“As of right now, we don’t even have a state volleyball tournament place determined yet,” Larson noted.

Larson said the start of junior high wrestling will be delayed until decisions are made at the state level.

Erickson said workers are in the process of re-coating the roof at the high school/junior high in order to fix leaks.

She is planning to organize a facility committee that will include community members. The goal is to put together a plan for the school district’s buildings.

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