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School Board Approves Extra-Curricular Hires

School Board Approves Extra-Curricular Hires School Board Approves Extra-Curricular Hires

Finnicum Concludes Second Term At MTSBA Helm

The Culbertson School District Board of Trustees held their regular meeting Tuesday, June 16. Attendees met in the lunchroom.

Following roll call and the recognition of visitors, minutes were approved for the May 19 regular and curriculum committee meetings and the June 3 special board meeting.

A finance report was received by the board. It covered action, bills, investments, note cash and extra-curricular balances.

The June activities director’s report included 2020-21 activities schedules. David Solem reports that schedules for speech and drama are still pending.

Principal Mike Olson said that graduations went well for the high school, 8th grade and kindergarten. He said special distancing plans worked with little or no issues.

Superintendent Larry Crowder thanked school staff who helped out following the Amtrak crash on Friday, May 29. He specified Dave Solem, Buddy Waldhausen and John Fordyce, who drove buses, and Teri George, Rhonda Larsen, KayLynn Raaum, Steve Larsen, Austin Oelkers, Christina Olson and Mike Olson, who tackled the logistics of opening the school and making guests comfortable.

Abby Smith was hired to join the summer custodial staff.

The board adopted amendments to the 2019-20 elementary and high school budgets in the amounts of $315,450 and $135,512 respectively.

Extra-curricular staff contracts for the 2020-21 school year were approved for DJay Hauge (HS golf, head coach), David Solem (activities director, HS track head coach, 8th grade class advisor), Angi Iverson (speech and drama, assistant coach), Dallas Reiland (JH football, assistant coach), Christina Olson (student council advisor), Darla Pust (senior, junior class advisor), Tiffany Nielsen (sophomore class advisor), Jennifer Lambert (freshman class advisor), Rhonda Seitz (7th grade class advisor, National Honor Society), Pam Welch (annual advisor), Larry Crowder (Title IX coordinator), Brad Nielsen (drug and alcohol coordinator), Valli Hauge (BPA advisor), Jens Nielsen (FFA), Mary Machart (JMG), Keri Hauenstein (Indian Club advisor), Jennesy Taberna (band) and Russell Pfeifer (choir).

The Impact Aid policy and board policy manual were updated and approved.

An action item related to con- tract renewal with Nemont TV was tabled for further discussion.

Disposal of district property (computers with dated OS) was approved.

The purchase of high school football uniforms was approved, with final details pending.

The board also approved a “soft” insurance policy from Gerber Life. The policy is intended to serve as supplemental coverage in combination with policies purchased by parents and the district.

Board president Paul Finnicum is concluding his second term as Montana School Board Association president. Finnicum is the first two-time president in the organization’s history.

The next meeting date will be Tuesday, July 21.

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