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Kjos Named DUI Task Force Scholarship Winner

Kjos Named DUI Task Force  Scholarship Winner Kjos Named DUI Task Force  Scholarship Winner

Froid High School’s Kassidy Kjos received one of two scholarships awarded locally by the Roosevelt County DUI Task Force. She spoke to the Community News while receiving immunization shots with her younger brother at the county complex May 21. Task force leader A.J. Allen was on hand to present Kjos with a certificate.

The task force offers the scholarships annually to help promote healthy and safe lifestyles.

The scholarships, $500 each, are part of an essay contest. For the past two years, the writing prompt has included the following questions: “How do you live above the influence of these negative pressures in your life?” “How do you rise above peer pressure and set a positive example for others?” And, “How do you keep others from affecting your decision NOT to drink and drive?”

In her essay, Kjos wrote: “Since I choose to not drink alcohol, do drugs, or smoke, driving under the influence has never been a problem for me. From the time I was little, I was told that even if I did choose, for one night, to be irresponsible and drink, that I should always call my parents or an adult to help me home. Ever since I was a young girl, the fact that driving under the influence is extremely dangerous has been drilled into my head. I don’t let anyone tell me or pressure me to drive under the influence because if something were to happen to me and my passengers, our families and communities would be influenced, too.” Wolf Point High School valedictorian Nick Page received the other $500 scholarship award.

For more information about next year’s contest, call Allen at 653-6212 or write to [email protected] org.


Froid’s Kassidy Kjos received a scholarship certificate from A.J. Allen at the county complex in Culbertson May 21. (Photo by James Walling)

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