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son Brock, Lance Chase, Ken ….

son Brock, Lance Chase, Ken Clampitt, Dustin Darby, Arden DeWitt, Diane DeWitt, Michelle Eanes, Scott Edmundson, Naomi Erickson, Emar Eymard, Trent Hamilton, Darlene Hanks, LaRae Hanks, Anthony Harrison, Kory Hines, Nancy Hopson, Rick Keller, Heidi Kent, Ann Landsrud, James Macdonald, Shelby Jo Martell, Sonia Martell-Hawk, Melissa Medicine Stone, Kristina Moniz, Antonio Nation, Beth Olsen, Jo Ann Olson, John Plestina, Terra Pronto, Claine Raining Bird, Virgil Rauch, Shane Reed, Allen Richard, Vivian Schultz, Ellen Sievers, Corrinne Smith, Leanne Smith, Maverick Smith, Reagan Smith, Travis St Germaine, Jane Sorley, Carrie Talks Different, Arthur Tapaha, Cheryl Taylor, Sue Toavs, Arielleanne Umphreys, JubileeJade Umphreys, Shirley Vandall, Carol Wallette, Taunya Wasser and Jeff Whitmus were renewed as district classified staff.

Board reports were presented by the Indian Education Committee, Southside principal Gourneau, Northside principal Gourneau, junior high principal Wetsit, high school principal Hanks, activities director Larson, facilities director Shane Reed and superintendent Loverty Erickson.

Girls wrestling was approved for addition to the winter sports program.

A cooperative agreement between Frazer and Lustre schools was approved for football.

Property and liability insurance was renewed for 2020-2021 and an application was approved for the Montana High School Association.

The district audit contract was also approved.

The board approved minutes for the April 13 and 27 board meetings, as well as warrant registers and claims against the districts.

A purchase order was approved for a district website and mobile app communication tool in the amount of $17,490.

The next regular board meeting is scheduled for Aug. 10. July meeting dates have yet to be announced.

Paid for by Rhonda Knudsen for Legislature, Republican, PO Box 734, Culbertson, MT 59218

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