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Express To Speak Montana Youth Poetry Call For Submissions

Express to Speak is now accepting entries for their 2020 Envision Youth Poetry call for submissions. Montana creatives age 18 years or younger are encouraged to submit one or more poems of original works for publication.

For the past 14 years, Express to Speak’s expressive arts program has empowered thousands of students in Montana classrooms. As an educational nonprofit organization, it now aims to support students and educators by providing an opportunity for young creatives to express themselves through poetry.

“Putting words and thoughts on paper is now more important than ever,” says Browning High School librarian Amy Conrey Andreas. “Writing helps focus and calm the mind in the midst of our chaotic and unpredictable lives. Writing helps us identify and express those comforting ribbons of emotion and experience that unite us.”

The 2020 Envision Youth Poetry call for submissions is not a contest but an invitation for young Montanans to harness their voice during such unprecedented times.

“The future of society is in the hearts and minds of the youth,” says Express to Speak founder Tahj Kjelland. “Express yourself: poetry is power.”

2020 Envision Youth Poetry Submission Information: PROMPT: Using your imagination, compose a poem about the world as you see it now, and your vision for the future. What does your life Poetry

look like? What does the planet look like? How do you feel? What is least and most important to you?

Guidelines: ·All creatives age 18 years or younger are encouraged to submit entries by June 11, 2020.

·Poem word count should be 100 words or less.

·Poems may be written in any format using a voice and perspective of choice.

·Multiple submissions are encouraged.

·Only original work accepted.

Creatives are encouraged to write multiple drafts of their poem(s) before submitting a final draft. Submissions will be reviewed by E2S staff and board and selected poems will be published on the

E2S website on July 11 and considered for future publications. There is no submission fee and all entrants will receive an E2S journal upon entry. This is not a contest and poem guidelines are flexible to encourage creative, imaginative, raw, and real ideas.

Submit poems at www. or email submissions to [email protected]

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