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School Elections Nearing

Poplar, Culbertson and Frazer will each have contested school board trustee elections this May. Poplar and Culbertson will have voting available from noon to 8 p.m. on May 5 at their schools. Absentee ballots can be received from school clerks.

Voters in Poplar will decide on two trustee positions. Incumbents Jestin Dupree and Doug Marottek are seeking re-election. Thomas Brown is the challenger in the election.

Incumbents Luke Anderson and Eric Bergum are making re-election bids in Culbertson for three-year terms. Challengers are D.J. Hauge and Ian Walker.

Voters in Frazer have been sent mailed-in ballots through Valley County. The ballots need to be returned by May 5. There are five trustee candidates seeking threeyear terms in Frazer including incumbents Yancey Beston and Michael Redstone. Challengers are Lilley Cox, Jewell Four Star and Brockie Standing.

Wolf Point has canceled its school board election because there were no challengers to incumbents Lanette Clark and Corey Reum. Trustees decided to cancel elementary and high school building reserve requests because they didn’t want to increase the burden on taxpayers during these economic conditions.

Bainville and Brockton also canceled their trustee elections because there were no challengers to trustees. Bainville’s trustees who were up for re-election were Dana Berwick and Neil Iversen. Terry Rattling Thunder was up for re-election in Brockton.

Froid will ask voters for approval of mill levies for the elementary general fund, high school general fund, high school building reserve fund and elementary building reserve fund. The elementary general fund levy seeks to raise $11,985 which is about 5.97 mills. The elementary building reserve fund requests to raise $20,000 every year for five years for a total of $100,000. This replaces the old building reserve levy that will run out this year. The high school general fund levy seeks to raise $4,434 which is about 1.09 mills. The high school building reserve levy requests to raise $30,000 for every year for five years. This replaces the old building reserve levy that will run out this year.

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