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Rental Assistance Now Available For Tenants Impacted By COVID-19 Layoffs

Area tenants now have the opportunity to apply for assistance with District 4 Human Resources Development Council.

District 4 Human Resources Development Council has received funding to assist households with rental assistance in our service area of Hill, Blaine and Liberty counties and in the additional counties of Daniels, Phillips, Roosevelt, Sheridan, and Valley. This funding is made possible by the CARES Act through increased Emergency Solutions Grant funds. This has allowed HRDC 4 to provide funds for Homelessness Prevention Rental Assistance.

Tenants seeking Homelessness Prevention Rental Assistance should contact District 4 HRDC housing staff member Anna at 406-265-6743 x 1123 ([email protected] org) or Alma at 406-265-6743 x1125 ([email protected]).

Landlords can also contact Anna and Alma with questions, but tenants need to contact HRDC directly to apply.

Documentation needed to process an application for rental assistance qualification: 1. Letter from employer stating layoff, termination, or reduced hours status due to COVID-19 closures.

2. Notice from landlord of arrears pending (March 17, 2020, forward) 3. Notice from landlord of rent due (April 1, 2020, forward) 4. Availability to home inspection (virtual inspection).

5. Income verifications (past 30 days). For example:

•Earned Income



•TANF/Public Benefits

•Pension/Retirement/ SSDI/SSI

•Worker’s Comp

•Stimulus checks do not count as income, but the household will need to show how stimulus money is needed to meet other household needs and cannot be used to pay rent.

6. Income guidelines from HUD FY 2020 Very low income (50%) 1 Person - $25,650 2 Person - $29,300 3 Person - $3,000 4 Person - $36,650 5 Person - $39,600 6 Person - $42,500 7 Person - $45,450 8 Person - $48,400

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