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Town Pump Foundation Donates $1 Million To Food Banks

The Town Pump Charitable Foundation announced Thursday, April 9, that they are donating $1 million in grants to food banks all over Montana. The foundation said the donations are a response to the severe strain on the state’s food banks during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Town Pump recognizes the urgency to help out our neighbors now as food insecurity grows in this unprecedented emergency,” said foundation director Bill McGladdery.

According to McGladdery, the grant funds will be distributing to 100 food banks, food pantries and shelters across the state.

Helena Food Share executive director Bruce Day said families receiving emergency food boxes increased by 30 percent within the previous few weeks.

“Having the resources to be able to purchase food and ensure a steady supply is so important now,” Day said via press release.

The Wolf Point Food Pantry collaborates with the Montana Food Bank Network, which also is receiving money from the foundation. According to the network’s website, the group’s purchasing power equals about $5 in food for each $1 spent by a food bank.

For more information about the Montana Food Bank Network, visit The Wolf Point Food Pantry can be reached at 653-2145.

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