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The Pastor’s Corner

A week after Easter what was the Church doing? Some were doubting. Some were pondering what happened. Some were seeking the Holy Spirit.

What were the days following Jesus’ resurrection like for the first disciples?

Jesus had died, and he was dead no longer. Just as He promised, He had overcome death, the last enemy. But what did it all mean?

Surely, it took time for them to fully comprehend the whirlwind of events that had taken place the previous week. Before He returned to his Father, Jesus helped His followers to realize some of the implications. ( Luke 24:27) His death and resurrection were no deviation in God’s plan. They WERE the plan. ( Luke 24:26) God had accepted Jesus’ payment for the sins of His people. Animal sacrifices were no longer necessary. Jesus’ resurrection assured us that those He had redeemed would also receive glorified bodies on the last day. His defeat of the grave anticipated the time when all of creation would be “set free from its bondage to decay and obtain the freedom of the glory of the children of God.” ( Romans 8:21) The resurrection of Jesus Christ, as with many biblical doctrines, has both an objective and a subjective element. Both are important. Theology (study) must be married to doxology (praise). Nevertheless, recurring attempts to disprove the bodily resurrection of Jesus, it remains an undeniable truth and essential element of biblical Christianity. However, it is not merely history that we dissect, study, and discuss. It is meant to change our lives.

Many people will move on from Easter Sunday to an ordinary Monday, unaware of the significance of all they heard about the previous day. They’ll continue to fight sin in their own strength, think the meaning of life lies somewhere outside God’s provision in Christ, and battle a nagging fear of death. The resurrection will fade into the white noise of their lives, making no discernible impact.

Let’s not make the same mistake.

Let the reality of our Savior’s empty tomb fill you with great joy, hope, and peace today. And every day.

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