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School Board Approves Rehires, Offers Of Tenure

The Wolf Point School District board of trustees held their regular meeting Monday, April 13, at 6 p.m. Due to social distancing orders, the meeting was held via Zoom.

Trustees Lanette Clark, Linda L. Hansen, Mark Kurokawa, Corey E. Reum, Janice Wemmer-Kegley and Mark Zilkoski were in attendance, as were board secretary Noami Erickson and district clerk Cheri’ Nygard. Staff present included superintendent Loverty Erickson, Southside principal Greg Gourneau, Northside principal Georgie Gourneau, junior high principal John Wetsit and high school principal Kim Hanks. There were 34 participants during the Zoom portion of the meeting.

Minutes were approved for the March 9, 18, 19, 26 and 31 regular, emergency and special meetings. Warrant registers and claims against the districts were approved unanimously.

Reports were submitted by the Indian Education Committee, Greg and Georgie Gourneau, Wetsit, Hanks, activities director Cody Larson, facilities director Shane Reed and superintendent Erickson.

Robert “Jeff” Bledsaw was approved for hire, as were substitutes Isabell Erickson and Tori Nygard.

A motion was approved to cancel levy requests for the elementary building reserve fund and the high school building reserve fund.

The board approved renewal for certified staff for the 2020-2021 school year. The following teachers were rehired for the high school: Tiffani Darby, Douglas Evans, Dan Horsmon and Russell Johnson.

Junior High rehires include Jennifer Dyas and Anthony Red Cloud.

Rehires for Northside School: Brandi Burshia, Katie Noser, Maxine Strader, Helen Welte, Kayla Larson, Richard Ryan and Andrew Tumonong.

Southside: Demi Henderson, Caitlyn Nyby, Rachel Overby, Alyssa Smith, Hannah Struttman, Dorian Talks Different and Rain Escarcega- Turcotte.

Offers of tenure were made to Martha Sifuentes at the high school, Judy Leddige and Scott Montgomery at the junior high and Dianne Bailey at Northside.

A cooperative agreement with Lustre High School for MHSA sports was approved.

The next regular board meeting is set for May 11.

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