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Mya Fourstar Added To All-State Basketball Honors

Lady Wolves’ senior standout Mya Fourstar was added to the Class B girls’ All-State selections Tuesday, March 17, three days after the list was first announced.

The addition of a District 2B girl was voted on by the Class B Association and was due to the cancellation of the state tournaments before any championship games could be played.

“It was voted upon to have another addition,” Wolf Point High School activities director Cody Larson said.

“From my understanding, the district that goes the farthest and brings home a trophy would have another all-state representative,” he said. “So, with the cancellation [of the state tournaments], they were trying to use their best judgment is what I get from it.”

“Class B bylaws allow for three all-state selections for each of Class B’s seven districts each year,” Brenner Flaten said. He is the Glasgow High School activities director and represents district 2B.

He explained that Class B districts that have a team that secured a state trophy become eligible to earn an additional slot. Flaten said that is 21 selections during a normal year. Then, there are three additional from state trophy teams.

“All totaling, 24 all-state selections for the entire classification (Class B) each season. Because Malta and Harlem were still in contention for that third-place trophy, we voted to award an additional selection,” Flaten said.

Fourstar, a 5-foot-9 senior, started her high school varsity basketball career with the Frazer Bearcubs when she was an eighth-grader. Fourstar attended Wolf Point High School and played for the Lady Wolves the past two years.

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