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Wolves’ St. Germaine Selected Class B Basketball All-State, Fourstar, Garfield, Page and Wallette On Honors Teams

The Wolves’ Lance St. Germaine has been selected a Class B boys’ basketball All-State selection.

St. Germaine, a 5-foot-5 senior, often scored 20-plus points per game during the recent season.

Other District 2B Class B All-State selections were Harlem’s Brad Cichosz and Malta’s Tanner Smith. Both are seniors. Nick Page and St. Germaine were named to the 2B First team honors. Page is also a Wolf Point senior.

Other first team selections were: Brad Cichosz, Harlem, senior; R.J. Ramone, Harlem, sophomore; Keigan Skolrud, Glasgow, junior; and Tanner Smith, Malta, senior.

Named to the boys’ second team were Wolf Point senior Tade Wallete and Poplar senior Duscette Grandchamp.

Other second team selections were: Alec Boland, Glasgow, senior; Tyler Cichosz, Harlem, sophomore; Ben Costin, Malta, senior; and Daniel Lawrence, Harlem, sophomore.

The Lady Wolves’ 5-foot-9 senior, Mya Fourstar, was named to the 2B girls’ first team.

Other girls’ first team selections were: Kelbee Denham, Malta, senior; Kailee Henry, Harlem, senior; L'Tia Lawrence, Harlem, senior; Erica Smith, Malta, junior; and Taya Trottier, Harlem, sophomore.

Lady Wolves’ freshman J’ell Garfield was named to the second team.

Poplar junior Macey Stump was named to the second team.

Also named to the girls’ second team were: Keely Fossum, Glasgow, junior; Kylee Nelson, Malta, freshman; Abrianna Nielsen, Glasgow, sophomore; and Anika Peters, Glasgow, senior.

Four 2B girls were named All-State. They were Harlem’s L’Tia Lawrence, Taya Trottier and Taya Trottier, and Malta’s Erica Smith.

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