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Commissioners Approve Public Health Measures

Commissioners Approve  Public Health Measures Commissioners Approve  Public Health Measures

County Cupboard Reestablishes Culbertson Food Bank

The Roosevelt County Commissioners held their regular meeting in Wolf Point Tuesday, March 17. Commissioner Duane Nygaard was absent.

Minutes were approved for the March 3 regular meeting.

A request to use the county building in Culbertson for a new food bank was approved. The County Cupboard is a registered non-profit organization with a board of directors made up of Laura Christoffersen, Rick Knick, Dixie Berwick, Genny Nordmeyer, Travis Featherstone and Ashlee Anderson.

The commissioners passed a resolution approving the use of $8,075 Title 10 family planning funds by the county nurse.

A request was approved for the purchase of Black Mountain Software for the treasurer’s office. The one-time cost will be approximately $2,000, with a $100 annual fee.

A public hearing has been set for April 14 at 4 p.m. at the town hall in Bainville. The purpose of the meeting is to officially request the abandonment of a one-mile section of County Road 2064.

Roosevelt County Sheriff Jason Fredrick and jail commander Troy Blount submitted their Montana Peer Review and Jail Standards report. Dave BetsHisMedicine submitted his resignation from the RSCO, effective March 4.

An agreement was approved between the Roosevelt County Detention Center and Wilderness was approved to better facilitate the administration of medicines and prescriptions for county inmates.

The commissioners approved an official emergency declaration in response to COVID-19. The declaration will enable the county to implement disaster and emergency plans and/or seek assistance from the state. The commissioners have also required all county employees to forgo traveling out of the county without express permission from the commissioners. The restrictions will remain in place until further notice.

Bill Juve asked the commissioners if they would be heeding federal recommendations about avoiding gatherings of more than 10 people. Commissioner Gordon Oelkers said after the meeting that there may be a need make special accommodations to ensure public access to meetings in the coming weeks, possibly some type of online streaming.

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