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Culbertson To Install Additional Emergency Siren

With the assistance of a grant, the Town of Culbertson will have an additional siren to notify its volunteer firefighters and residents of an emergency in the community.

Culbertson Mayor Larry Crowder explained that the grant is coming through Roosevelt County's Disaster and Emergency Services group. The grant will pay for initial costs while the town will be responsible for ongoing expenses.

Council members discussed several different locations such as the Wheatland Hills subdivision, the swimming pool area, near the hospital and the fairgrounds.

“If I'm outside, I can barely hear it,” council member Abe Rumsey said of the west side of town. “It's barely a hum at my house.”

Council member Dave Solem said the fairgrounds wouldn't be the best site because the siren would scare the animals during fair time.

Rumsey made a motion for Wheatland Hills as the preferred location and near the pool as the second choice. Council member Nick Oelkers seconded the motion, which was approved by a 4-0 margin.

Earlier in the meeting on Monday night, March 9, Ken Forbregd provided a positive report regarding the future fish pond.

Forbregd said, “21 Construction of Malta has an interest in it. They want to participate in the pond project at their cost, which is really nice.”

He explained that 21 Construction requests soil samples from the project's area. Forbregd said another company is performing soil samples in Culbertson this week and that company is willing to do soil samples at the future fish pond.

“He's willing to come out at little cost or no cost to do soil samples of the perimeters of the pond,” Forbregd said.

He added that the well is drilled and will produce the needed amount of water. “Some of the solar panels are up. It's looking good.”

As far as the MDT Highway 2 project, Crowder said the state wants diagonal parking near the school at the old weigh scale parking area.

“That's about the only option,” Crowder said. “I think they want to do diagonal on both directions, but I don't know how you do an exit with that.”

Crowder wants town council and school board members to meet in the next two or three months to talk about issues that the changes will create.

“We're still about three years away, but I don't want to get to the point where we don't have options any more,” Crowder said.

Town leaders have been working on creating ordinances regarding older vehicles parked in areas for long periods of time.

“I've seen some vehicles moved, so I think we're making progress,” Crowder said.

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