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Bainville Council Approves Shipping Containers, Clogged Culverts To Be Cleared Out

The Bainville Town Council held their regular meeting Monday, March 9, at town hall. Mayor Dennis Portra and councilmen Chuck Hyatt, Ron Butikofer and Travis Wills were in attendance.

The agenda was approved with additions.

Minutes were approved for the Feb. 13 meeting.

The town received a general complaint about dogs running loose during public comment. A leash law was discussed but no action was taken.

During public works, it was reported that the town will be jetting out two clogged culverts.

A request from Diane Panasuk to have water and sewer permanently disconnected from 210 Evans St. was formally withdrawn.

A motion was passed to include shipping containers as movable storage structures in the town’s list of ordinances. A new permit was approved for Bainville Homestead Properties. A bid from Fox Ford in Wolf Point for a new town vehicle was reviewed. The council is seeking additional bids.

Tammie Richardson from Edward D. Jones gave the council an update on the town’s investments.

Annexation issues were discussed regarding two 40acre parcels on County Road 1009. The council is investigating the annexation, including questions about possible tax revenues, water and sewer concerns and fire suppression issues.

The council approved a motion to hire two summer maintenance mowing workers. The positions will be advertised.

Building permit policies were reviewed. Expired permits will need to be renewed or resubmitted to be considered valid.

The next regular council meeting is Monday, April 13.

A special meeting has been set for March 19 at town hall. The purpose of the meeting is to consider action on a blighted property located 311 Clinton St.

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