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School Menus

enus Culbertson School Feb. 17: Pizza, salad and cookies.

Feb. 18: Barbecue chicken chunks, broccoli and applesauce.

Feb. 19: Sloppy joes, jojos and mixed veggies.

Feb. 20: Chicken tacos, Spanish rice and peaches.

Feb. 21: No school.

Bainville School Feb. 17: Breakfast: Omelets. Lunch: Chicken noodle hotdish, mixed veggies and peaches.

Feb. 18: Breakfast: Raspberry cream cheese croissants. Lunch: Pork chops, rice pilaf, green beans and baked apples.

Feb. 19: Breakfast: Breakfast tornadoes. Lunch: Ham and cheese croissants, tater tots, coleslaw and berries.

Feb. 20: Breakfast: Blueberry cream cheese breakfast rolls. Lunch: Lasagna soup, breadsticks, green salad and orange wedges.

Feb. 21: No school.

Froid School Feb. 17: Chicken strips, rice pilaf and veggies.

Feb. 18: Cheeseburger pockets, potato wedges and veggies.

Feb. 19: Spaghetti, garlic bread and veggies.

Feb. 20: Taco casserole and lettuce mix.

Feb. 21: No school.

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