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School Menus

Wolf Point School Feb. 3: Breakfast: Cold cereal, graham crackers and apples. Lunch: Chicken strips, mashed potatoes, gravy, salad and pineapple.

Feb. 4: Breakfast: Sausage and eggs and oranges. Lunch: Super nachos, applesauce and cookies.

Feb. 5: Breakfast: Banana chocolate chunk bars and apples. Lunch: Tomato soup, sandwiches, salad and pears.

Feb. 6: Breakfast: Bacon, egg and cheese boscos; hot dogs; and baked beans.

*** Frontier School Jan. 27: Shrimp poppers and tatertots.

Jan. 28: Taco soup and buns.

Jan. 29: Deli wraps, veggie sticks and chips.

Jan. 30: Chicken and waffles.

Jan. 31: Fish sticks, peas and carrots and au gratin potatoes.

*** Lustre School Feb. 3: Meatball soup.

Feb. 4: Nachos.

Feb. 5: Chicken burgers Feb. 6: Hamburger gravy/ mashed potatoes

Feb. 7: Chicken quesadilla.

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